Your septic tank


When we call to pump out your tank we ask that manhole covers are easily

released and not hidden under decking/plant pots/gravel. Please cut back

undergrowth a metre clear of the manhole cover to allow the driver to work

safely. You may not want to see the septic tank, but we do need to find them!


Please also advise us of any change to your drive by tarmacing or block paving.


If you are new to septic tanks, please click on the following link for more information.

  A user's guide to septic tank systems


We recommend that septic tanks are emptied annually, every two years maximum, depending on circumstance. This should be sufficient if your soakaway is working efficiently. If there’s more

than one property to a tank, you may find it needs pumping out two or three times a year.


Some people believe that septic tanks don't need to be emptied at all. This is incorrect as the sludge will build up in the bottom of the tank. This may result in the sludge being too thick to pump out or it may find it's way into your soakway and start backing up to your house.

Problems with septic tank systems can be very costly.